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thor slot

Thor Slot (new)

With the recent success of the movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” the film’s main super heroes are garnering much…
captain america slot

Captain America Slot

Captain America is one of the more recent Marvel Comics to hit the big screen. The movie was released…
iron man 3

Iron Man 3 Slot

In the last 6-7 years, the Iron Man movie franchise has become Marvel Comics best-selling movie series of all-time.…
6 Million Dollar Man Slot

6 Million Dollar Man…

From 1973-1978, a reassembled Steve Austin (Lee Majors) worked on behalf of police departments and the federal government to…
the Mummy Slot

Mummy Slot

In 1932, Boris Karloff haunted movie goers in the original movie “The Mummy.” Over the years, several versions were…
baywatch slot

Baywatch Slot

For 9 glorious seasons (1989-1999), the beautiful and hunky lifeguards of Los Angeles County entertained TV audiences with their…
Pink Panther Slot

Pink Panther Slot

In 1963, Director Blake Edwards and Actor Peter Sellers brought the misbegotten Inspector Clouseau to the big screen in…
Daredevil slot

Daredevil Slot

In 2003, the masked vigilante Daredevil made his first appearance in movie theaters. The blind supper hero was played…
wolverine slot

Wolverine Slot

After the success of the movie X-Men, Hugh Jackman was given the opportunity to reprise his role as the…
thor slot

Thor Slot

In 2011, Thor, the heir to the throne of Asgard, made his first appearance in a feature film. The…
electra slot

Electra Slot

The League of Justice has Wonder Woman, but Marvel Comics has Elektra. Playtech’s Electra slot game is based on…
Sopranos Slot

Sopranos Slot

Since its inception in 1999, Tony Soprano and his crime family ran the streets of New Jersey in a…
fantastic 4 slot

Fantastic 4 Slot

After several stints as a popular animated series, the Fantastic 4 ensemble finally hit the big screen in 2005.…
x men slot

X-Men Slot

The X-Men slot game, which was developed by Playtech and inspired by the 2000 hit movie starring Patrick Stewart,…
blade slot

Blade Slot

While being one of Marvel’s lessor known super heroes, Blade hit the big screen in 1998 with Wesley Snipes…
King Kong Slot

King Kong Slot

They called him the “8th Wonder of the World.” His name is King Kong, the mythical giant gorilla. Kong…
gladiator slot

Gladiator Slot

In 2000, Gladiator won the Academy Award for Best Picture and earned Russel Crowe a Best Actor trophy. In…
hulk slot

Incredible Hulk Slot

Marvel Comic book hero Hulk came to life in motion pictures in 2003. Playtech has designed an innovative game…
spiderman slot

Spiderman Slot

It’s notable that Spiderman is by far the most popular Marvel super hero interpreted by gaming software developers throughout…

Iron Man Slot

In 2008, Tony Stark’s Iron Man was brought to life for the first time by Robert Downey Jr. The…